[Money Monster] Ep71 - Wireless charging / Korean medicine / SMART BIZ EXPO 2019

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Expansion of wireless charging technologies

A charging device that can charge a smartphone simply by putting the phone on the charger has gained popularity. Wireless charging technology has been applied to a wide range of areas aside from smartphone, including medicine and transportation. And it has been applied to the manufacturing of semiconductors for a long period of time. A part of the manufacturing facilities have implemented a wireless charging system in order to simplify the equipment and prevent the inflow of impurities. Automated facilities for the manufacturing of semiconductors as well as the production facilities that carry out repetitive movements according to the tracks can receive power with magnetic force, based on a non-contact method. Wireless charging technology has also been applied to the medical sector. Patients with implanted medical equipment have to get surgeries later in order to replace the battery. However, a domestic research team has developed an implantable medical device which can be charged wirelessly in the body. Moreover, wireless charging technologies for long distances aside from short distances have been developed in the domestic field. A lot of electronic devices can be charged from a distance of 6 meters. And advanced technologies that can increase the distance and enhance the charging efficiency will be continuously developed. We introduce wireless charging technology which has brought about innovative changes to the parts of our lives and industries.

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