Contact based and Over-the-Air Wireless Charging

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WARPS Wireless Charging Technology

Providing all charging methods

Near Field - below 10cm

Inductive (Qi) Type Wireless Charging Pad

Qi wireless charging technology uses an electromagnetic field and inductive coupling to send energy from transmitter to receiver. Our inductive wireless charger is equipped with two charging coil for apple watch and other normal Qi type smart devices. It still needs a power supply to charge your devices but provides more convenient; rather than carrying multiple wires. 

Resonance Type Wireless Charging Pad

This transmitter provides a close-distance charging. You don’t have to attach your device on a charging pad, but just near by within the power range.

Five LED letters indicate the power level as it will flash according to the charging status, 20-40-60-80-100%. Together with WARPS Ring type receiver, you will have a comfortable viewing angle with continuous energy supply.

Middle Field - below 1M

The Smart Pad Mini is the hybrid wireless charger that provides both contact-based and over-the-air wireless charging. There is a built-in Qi charger on the top of the pad, providing you a rapid charging power of 10 watt. 

WARP gives customer the freedom to eliminate batteries and cut power cords for all the devices near the pad, such as a wireless mouse, LED lights, humidifiers, and other electronic instruments that you might use at home or in an office.

Far Field - above 4M

This transmitter sends radio frequency based power over-the-air a distance of up to 6 meters to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The top part of the device rotates a full 360 degree, which automatically tracks power-hungry devices in real-time. 

   Long-Range Wireless Charging 

    Up to 6M

   For IoT & Smart Factory etc. 


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