Several Types of Receivers for Smart Devices.

The Phone Cradle and Ring Type
Grab your smartphone using WARPS Ring, and your device will stay safe and charged.

The Phone Cradle and Ring Type
Simply insert the connector of WARPS Ring into the charging port of your device, and it will collect the energy form the transmitter.

The Phone Ring and Cable Type
You will have a comfortable viewing angle with continuous energy supply.

WARPS receiver technology can be embedded into a number of different devices.
The built-in receiver as well as our antenna technology works together to provide the most effective and true long-range wireless power.

The transmitter sends RF waves to detect and track the exact receiver antenna and charge the device. RF beam finds its way even to moving devices as it bounces off walls, floors, and ceilings between the transmitter and the receiver, inherently avoiding obstructions (humans, pets, etc.) which allows them safe stay.

Not only Beamforming increase the strength and quality of signal, but also MIMO(multiple in, multiple out) technology allows far more concentrated signal by using multiple antenna structure in both transmitter and receiver, multiplying the capacity of RF signal over the same radio channel.

MFMC (Patented)
MFMC(multi frequencies, multi charging) antenna technique also boost high efficiency power by different frequencies from each transmitter to power multiple devices simultaneously.