RF based Wireless Charger

This frame type WARPS transmitter offers the most innovative and true long-range wireless charging solution. Unlike inductive or resonance charge, you will not need to place your device near to the charging station, but the whole time your device is being charged within the power range and you have no more battery anxiety.

WARPS sends Radio Frequency based power over the air up to the furthest distance, 4.5 meters, charging multiple devices simultaneously. RF waves detects the exact device and even finds its way to moving devices (LED lights indicates the direction) as it bounces off walls, floors, and ceilings, inherently avoiding obstruction(humans, pets, etc.) which allows them safe stay.
Hybrid Type Wireless Charger

This transmitter is the world’s first multi wireless charger, providing both inductive and RF charging over a long distance up to 2 meters. It is intended to be working just like Wi-Fi for multiple IoT devices charging with password set.

The transmitter is designed as a small portable box and it sends power to all directions. You will be absolutely cable-free for charging your electronic devices at home or in your office or in any other public spaces.
Resonance Type
Wireless Charging Pad

This transmitter provides a close-distance charging. You don’t have to attach your device on a charging pad, but just near by within the power range.

Five LED letters indicate the power level as it will flash according to the charging status, 20-40-60-80-100%. Together with WARPS Ring type receiver, you will have a comfortable viewing angle with continuous energy supply.
Inductive Type
Wireless Charging Pad

This Qi type transmitter accommodates three device at once. It supports quick-charging speed of up to 10W (middle dock) for Qi-enable devices.

An LED light indicates charging operation and power level for user convenience.