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“MIMO Antenna Apparatus with Multiband Isolation Characteristic”

Patent No. : 10-1852291
Issue Date : 19th April, 2018
Summary : When using many antenna with same frequency in a small area, there is antenna cancellation and it weakens efficiency and character of antenna (difficulty of design MIMO, LTE and 5G).
To avoid this, WARP has developed the technology that enables many antenna to independently work by using 90 degree or 180 degree phase pattern among antenna.
“Integrated Battery for Wireless Charging”

Patent No. : 10-1764546
Issue Date : 27th July, 2017
Summary : The patent is to implant wireless charging system into normal battery(ex, AA, AAA), smart phone battery and lithium-ion battery and charge these battery without separate charger.
“Power Amplifier module package and packaging method which enables separating input pattern from output pattern”

Patent No. : 10-1695576
Issue Date : 5th January, 2017
Summary : Package structure enables detaching exterior pattern to freely change pattern in fixed package.
“Power Amplifier Module Package and Packaging Method”

Patent No. : 10-1686745
Issue Date : 8th December, 2016
Summary : Hybrid package structure applicable for wireless charging and 5G base station/small cell /metal attaching method (Eutectic work with AuSn/AuGe, increase in cost and defective rate) vs Hybrid package structure (applicable for high frequency, developed unibody production method using integrated braising metal to avoid frequency loss from inductance, Eutectic work and Wire Bonding work.